Video Surveillance Systems

Video Surveillance Systems are widely used in industries and households as a strong deterrent to theft and fraud.

Aftershock in Christchurch

<a href="video/garage.wmv">video/garage.wmv</a>

This video shows a recording of an aftershock from Christchurch 2011 earthquake, when the movement in the garage was detected. The video is kept for history rather than security reasons.

A typical Video Surveillance System includes from one to many security cameras, a processing unit, a monitor, and a digital video recorder or DVR. With a help of a DVR system you are able to view your property via the internet using a broadband connection.
They also have many other uses besides crime prevention: monitoring the elderly, the disabled and their carers, baby monitoring and more.

Burglary Attempt

<a href="video/burglar.wmv">video/burglar.wmv</a>

This video shows a recording of the house being burgled. It records an intruder who is trying to enter the house.

We install indoor cameras, outdoor cameras, vandal proof cameras, cameras with motion detectors and night vision cameras that record in full color.

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